About Love Healing

Love Healing was created by me, Caroline, following a major period of transition in my life.  I have been inspired to use the experiences I have had and the knowledge I had built up in order to help others.  ​I want to help people live their lives fully by giving them the tools to truly embrace what life has to offer, giving them the confidence and strength to do so. 

A qualified aromatherapist, I have developed a range of aromatherapy products for mind, body and spirit.  All products are handmade with love in small batches.

Our Philosophy


Life is a journey, a learning experience, and we are all on our own individual path. We all have different experiences which shape us, and it's easy to feel like it's all too much, or that we don't understand why things happen to us.  I believe we can all overcome anything life throws at us and come out stronger and wiser as a result. I can help you to find this inner strength you need to overcome what life throws at you.

The services Love Healing offers include:

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