A refreshing and natural hand sanitiser containing a unique blend of antibacterial and antimicrobial oils including tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus and clove which will help to cleanse and protect your hands from germs.


There is no substitute for washing your hands with good old soap and water, but continual hand washing leaves hands dried out and can lead to dry skin conditions.  This hand sanitiser is not as harsh as chemical based hand sanitisers, and being 100% natural it contains no nasties.


Apothecary Angelique offers a range of aromatherapy products which are packed with essential oil goodness, 100% natural ingredients, no nasty parabens or other chemicals.  Discover the benefits of plant medicine to benefit mind, body & spirit.  None of our products are tested on animals and are 100% vegan and cruelty free. 

Ingredients: Alcohol, aqua, hamamelis virginlana, prunus persica, essential oils: Thymus vulgaris, cymbopogon citratus, melaleuca, citrus limonum, eugenia caryophyllata, citrus sinensis, eucapylptus globulus.

Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser 50ml

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