A range of candles for working with the chakras, ideal for healing or meditation.  Each candle contains essential oils specific to each chakra, and a crystal which will also help balance that particular chakra.


Sahasrara - crown chakra with amethyst or clear quartz

Ajna - third eye - with sodalite

Vishuddha - throat - with blue calcite

Anahata - heart - with green aventurine

Manipura - solar plexus - with citrine or golden calcite crystal

Svadhishthana - Sacral chakra - with carnelian

Muladhara - root chakra - with hematite or red jasper crystal



My candles are made in very small batches and each one is totally unique, and because of this the candle I send you will differ slightly from that pictured here.


All of my candles are made with plant-based soy wax and natural fragrances and essential oils. I believe that this is much better for you than paraffin candles with chemical based fragrances.   My tinned candles are 200g candles with approximately 40 hour burn time.


Extreme care must be taken when burning candles which contain plant matter or dried flowers. Every care is taken to keep the flower away from the wick, but on occasion the flower can catch light when burning, so please never leave these candles unattended.


When you have finished burning the candle, the crystal can be removed, cleaned and kept by you. Please do recycle the tins or ask me about sending them back to me in exchange for discounts on future orders.

Chakra crystal candles