"My tarot reading was excellent. I received a thorough and well explained report that was very professional. Would definitely recommend."

"Caroline is the best and most reliable person I have ever been to for a reading. I trust her intuition and connection with the universe completely. On more than one occasion her voice and readings have been the light on paths of darkness in my life and I am nothing but grateful to her and honoured that she has read for me on more than one occassion."

"I always get a feeling of vibration in my soul when Caroline reads for me, and I know that it is the universe telling me to trust in the things she is telling me.

A beautiful soul which translates its honesty into the readings. I cannot recommend enough."

"I had a seven card tarot reading done and I was not disappointed. The report was so clear and every card was explained really well. I would definitely recommend everyone to have one done!"

"I'm not normally one for holistic approaches, but this is an incredible service, run by a dedicated, passionate woman with a genuine desire to foster and nurture positive change. As someone whose self-confidence has been helped greatly by Caroline in other initiatives, I can wholeheartedly recommend her."

Ocean Rocks